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2461 North Road, Fenton, Michigan 48430

& Building Supplies

Flatwork & Concrete Supplies

We stock a wide range of tools and supplies for flatwork contractors. If we don’t have what you are looking for, please feel free to request it and we will order it on your behalf and consider it for a future stock item.

Below is a list of manufacturers and supplies that we handle:

  • LaFarge Portland CementSakcrete, Gibraltar Quickrete, Bonsal American Products
    • Redimix Concrete
    • Vinyl Concrete Patch
    • Floor Resurfacer
    • Concrete Crack Filler

    Euclid Chemical Products

    • Ever clear concrete sealer
    • Kurez white concrete sealer
    • Super diamond clear concrete sealer
    • Euco Guard
    • Eucolastic

    Dewitt’s Foundation Coating (Tar)

    Dewitt’s Mastic

    Wire mesh (Concrete Reinforcing wire)

    Rerod/Rebar 3/8” (#3) and ½” (#4)

    Expansion joint – vinyl and cane fiber

    Sauna Tube


    Visqueen/Plastic Sheeting

    4 mil, 6 mil & reinforced

Form Stakes – 18”, 24” and 36”

Marshalltown, Kraft and Bonn Tools

  • Hand Edgers and Walking Edgers
  • Bronze groovers and walking groovers
  • Concrete finishing trowels
  • Magnesium Float (magfloats)
  • Fresno Trowels
  • Bullfloats and Bullfloat handles
  • Round point and flat shovels
  • Kum-A-Longs (concrete spreader)
  • Concrete finishing brooms
  • Knee Boards and Knee Pads
  • Rubber Boots and Gloves
  • Brushes
  • Diamond Blades
  • Rub Bricks
  • Concrete Color
  • Braided Line – String – Mason Line